Saving Chris Taiwan’s Life

angel-fantasy-album-n_C2_B01-awesum-Couple_large (1)After I wrote the “The Cupid Angel,” I got a new idea about a short story. Because if you read the last tale, you’d probably remember one sentence from that. This one: “Trisha!” My boss called me. “There is your new assignment. Save Chris Taiwan’s life! It’s urgent, because he will probably die after twenty or thirty minutes.”

So there we are with our next story: “Saving Chris Taiwan’s Life” :)

(By the way if you didn’t read the last story, it’s okay, you’ll probably understand this one; however, I think it more makes sense if you’ll read “The Cupid Angel” since this is that’s continuation.)

I hope you will like it! :) Leave a comment and say to me what did you think about it! I’m really care about it. :)

He has played guitar; he has felt what others didn’t. He could observe the sounds, the sighs, and everything what was related to the music since it was his life. Leaving in a dream, playing with do, re, mi, fa. So when he lost his sense; when he lost everything he liked about music; he also lost himself. The world seemed pointless for him. He couldn’t understand what is the point about living without his ability. Without making sounds real. Without playing guitar.

He couldn’t hear anything because of a damn disease. Day after day, he has listened less and less, and then, the dark came upon him, he couldn’t hear anything. Yes. There were rhythms in his head, but how could he continue his life without hearing what he has accomplished?

Time passed by time, he has become more desperate to kill himself in this big world. Because, oh, there were so many fans! So many people loved his music, his voice, his smile. They wanted him. They yelled for him.

Chris Taiwan just couldn’t hear them anymore. The thing that he loved most, he lost it. The love of his life has left him alone; it broke his heart. And there was a little voice, however, he could hear somehow. It said something; it ate him day after day, advising him to give up his life. Because how could a man live without his love? How could a man live without something it mattered him most?

“We love your music,” they have said. “We love you, love you so much.”

No more.

They didn’t love him anymore. He was sure of it. How could they love him if he’s not the same anymore? His life, his everything just vanished in the dark. So here was him. Ready to drink a poison, just to kill himself. He thought about it long enough to make his decision. His heart was beating. His body was sweating. The day arrived when he wanted to die, and nobody wanted to stop him. Nobody he knew, because they didn’t notice him. They didn’t see how his life were changing day after day. Because he was so good at acting, they thought he had just a rough day. He will get better. That’s what they thought, nothing more.

Not even his lovers saw the difference on him. They have looked at his eyes, smiling, and saying things he couldn’t hear; he just tried to read from their mouth. Since he was a genius, sometimes, he could understand what they said to him. Sometimes not, but he could pretend he did so, that’s why nobody saw the difference. The difference what was killing him.

He knew that the music was his only love: the only one he could trust, and depend on. But damn it. Why didn’t anyone notice his suffering? Why didn’t they want to stop him?

“Taiwan, you should get better,” they have said. Sometimes, they even added this one: “You are genius, so I know you will.”

Yes, he was smart. Clever enough to make money from playing guitar and sometimes singing. And hell, the gods gave him a pretty good body. He was like a dark knight from the girls’ secret dream. The man they wanted, but they couldn’t dare to say it aloud. Because he was so dangerous, sexy, and they all knew that after they will get him, they won’t be the same anymore, and they will never forget him. And they couldn’t hate him, because that was the way he was. That look gave him the fans, and the total success.

However this didn’t matter anymore. How could be? He didn’t hear anything anymore. The most he wanted, he couldn’t have it anymore. So as his hearing has left him, he will leave the world.

He heard something behind him.

He laid the little glass on the table. How was that possible? He was thinking of. How could I hear something?

“How could you be so stupid like that?” A beautiful voice sounded behind him. Or did he just hear that in his head? He might become just crazy, nothing more. Or maybe was it a sign to kill himself? So then he will hear more?

Who… Who are you?” he asked, didn’t hearing his own voice; therefore, the teardrop wanted to break out from his eyes.

Then a girl with dark hair, and green eyes walked next to him. Also, she had big wings so it was obvious to him that he became mad. Why else could he see a girl with two wings?

“I’m your guardian angel, who else?” she answered with pride and sarcasm in her voice. “You know, it’s sounds really good to say guardian angel, but please, don’t kill yourself. I don’t want to risk my position after I finally got it. So talk to me!”

He has never seen a beauty like her in all his life. She made him alive. Normal, and important.

Still, he couldn’t speak. But not just because he couldn’t hear his own voice, but he was so fascinated by her. She had a little black dress with pink lines on it. It made her more attractive.

“I didn’t hear my own voice!” he wasn’t sure he shouted at her, or not. He hoped the second one.

“Hmm,” she murmured. “But you obviously can see and hear me. That’s fascinating. Nobody could see and hear me that clear before. Maybe because I’m a guardian angel now. Don’t you think?” She shook his head. “Oh, damn. Why I am so nice to you? You are a stupid son of a something who wants to kill himself.”

“And you broke into my house,” he said, enjoying the conversation. What if I kiss her? He thought of it. Would it be amazing?

He was sure it would be.

The girl laughed.

“I’m obviously not. As I’ve once said I’m your guardian angel. I will damn save your life. But you know, it’s really disappointing. I thought I have to save you from a car accident, from a crazy killer, or something. Not from yourself. Damn it. I knew it wouldn’t be as smooth as I thought of it. Hmm.”

“I like your hmm.”

She looked at him as if he was crazy.

He smiled at her shyly. Strange, he has never been shy in all his life. But now. With this girl… No, he really can’t.

“Hmm to me a little more.”

Okay. He was wrong. He could be shy. Because what was that stupid sentence? Why couldn’t he say something better?

She stepped back.

“I think I heard you wrong. You cannot say something like that to me. You’re not suppose to.”

“I don’t know. You’re so pretty.” He felt he was getting better. Who knows that the others were right? Chris Taiwan was a genius so he’ll always get better. He stepped closer to her, smiled at her boyish. “Why don’t you say something, hmm? You’re very attractive.”

“I am your damn angel,” she reacted. “You are my damn annoying client. And it’s impossible… Oh!” He touched her skin. He really did. Chris didn’t even know how astonishing was that for her. “You… touched me. Wow.”

He smiled at her confidently.

“I guess, I did.” He stroke her arm.

“But you can’t. I mean, who the heck are you?”

“I thought your client. That’s what you said to me, didn’t you?”


He began to stroke her cheek gently.

“You know, I still didn’t hear my voice. But I hear yours.”

“Super,” she commented. “Back to the topic. Why did you want to kill yourself?”

He snorted.

“Hell, no. Your lips are big,” he stared at them. “And red like an apple. I love apples.

“That’s fascinating.”

“You’re very flirtatious when you hmm.” He came more closer to her, and to her mouth. “So say it! Say it to me!”

“I feel stupid because of you. There is nothing in the hmm.”

He smiled, satisfied.

“Oh, yeah.” Then he kissed her.

He could kiss her. And it was something that he never felt. As if little bubbles were exploding. And there were nectar, and honey, and everything. He didn’t even notice it, but he could hear his voice in his head. And now, he could hear anything and more. All those music he has ever made were going through in his head. And he felt the girl in his arms; she was trembling sweetly. And so he felt her joy, and her cupidity.

She wanted him.

And she never kissed anybody in all her life. Not like him. Chris Taiwan has kissed so many girls he couldn’t count it. But it was different. It was more, and it meant everything to him. She was his muse and she brought his music back. He could see the meaning of the life. What it meant to him, and why he wanted to live.

“Oh, you beautiful,” he sighed. “You’re so…”

Someone opened into his room.

“I heard some voices, and… Nothing. I’m sorry,” He heard his acquaintances. “But why… Nothing. But close the door next time.” Then she closed the door, murmuring something like “today’s crazy musician.

“She didn’t see me,” his kissing partner said. “As I’ve once said…”

“You are my guardian angel,” he finished her sentence. “But you must have a name.”

“Yes, I have. And you were shouting a couple of times, because you didn’t hear your voices, that’s why she came here. But it’s a little weird, you know. People just don’t suppose to open their neighbor’s door whenever they heard some voices.”

“And you still didn’t tell me what’s your name.”

“And you still want to kill yourself. Throw your poison into the trash, and I’ll tell you.”

He smiled at her cunningly.

“No. You’ll kiss me, and I won’t think about killing myself anymore.”

“Do you know how sick is that sentence sounded?”

“Deal with it.”

“That’s my text.”


She set her finger on his lips.

“Please, tell me, you won’t. And I’ll make you an angel.”

He bowed, so she moved her finger away from his mouth.

“Okay. But you know, you must will be an angel. Since you see me. And I’m telling you, nobody can see me, but angels.”

“That’s cool. Where is my kiss, baby?”

She held her tongue out sarcastically.

“You will get it. But I’m warning you. You will have to start in the bottom. Be a stupid cupid angel as I was. And it’s a tough job. People like to make things difficult, believe me.”

“Not with me,” he smiled at her. “I’ll make you happy, baby.”

“Yeah, you bet,” she said. “And, by the way, I’m Trisha Sane. And don’t look at me like that! You are crazy, boy. I’ve never seen that kind of desperate in a man’s face.”

“Because they didn’t see you, did they?”

“Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I think you just so hungry for a woman.”

“Oh,” he said. “I think I’m just so hungry for you. No, pardon me, my lady. I’m sure,” he grinned at her. “I’m a man bitch, so I know you’re very different from the others, believe me.”

“You’re not a damn man bitch, my god. Where is your self-confident? You. Are. Stupid.

“Baby, I could be a bitch, because I’m so attractive,” he interrupted. “So kiss me!”

So she kissed him lightly. And it was still perfect. And he was sure as hell that she thought he’s a little bit arrogant. So is he. He never had problem with his appearance.

Then a voice began to speak in his head.

It’s time to make Louisa Tarragon and James Patrice love each other. You will have tree week to accomplish it, or they will never find each other. It’s urgent, so hurry!”

“What the hell?” That was all he asked.

Trisha smiled at him brightly.

“Oh, that was our boss. But you’re still a human, so you have to be careful. And don’t worry! As soon as it’s possible you’ll be just as invisible to them as I’m. My stupid boy.”

Then she kissed him playfully.

Wonderful. Now, he is a cupid angel.

But at least, he has her girl, the beautiful Trisha Sane.

“Yeah, baby,” he smiled challengingly. “Guard me, please!”

After that, he throw away the poison.

Oh, yeah. The life is wonderful. He finally got a new meaning of the life.

Trisha Sane and being an angel.

How weird! From being a famous musician to be a really good-looking angel.

And still, here was a beautiful angel in his arms. So he’ll make sure that his girl we’ll be as happy as she could. Or don’t be his name Chris Taiwan!

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