The Only Thing That Is Matter… (Part 3)

He did it again. He lifted his eyebrow!

And I believe in having sex here,” He was staring at my bosom. I forgot that I wasn’t wearing shirt, because he removed it!

Instead of being angry, I blushed. It was an upset blush, but still.

Really? You think nobody will hear us?”

They won’t give a damn about it.”

Well, then…”

I slip at the toilet on purpose and pretended that my head was hurting.

I’m sorry. I’m afraid I would slip again,” I didn’t look into his eyes. My true fair was that he would see the belief in my eyes. “I can try, because you are beautiful and sweet. I’m really feeling something about you.” Something about despise at that moment.

I stood up like someone who could fall at any moment.

Then he said the words that could break a girl’s heart apart.

Well, I don’t. But here’s your damn shirt.” He gave my cloth back. “Next time, don’t play that game.”

I kissed him gently.

I just wanted to go to the restroom, darling,” I said, then I took my shirt. “But you were very wonderful even if I wasn’t. You know, I’ve never been with a boy. So thanks for your awesomeness.”

He smiled a bit, but that’s it. He didn’t seem to care much about me. I think he didn’t even really care that I didn’t make love with him. Sometimes, he was just an animal. Worse, he was nothing, but a nice face. I only dated him, because a kind girl would give him a chance, and most likely falling in love with him. Since he was the opposite of me or the sweet girl. As he would say, “He didn’t give a damn about others opinion.” He was a free man who happened to be one of the most popular boy in the school. Maybe, because of my best friend, Kiera Kelly, who was friends with him. Or his unconcern was that attracted others, because he was the only who didn’t care about everything. He just gets it.

Unfortunately, I could never do that, because if someone wasn’t a boy, the entire story would be different. Namely girls had to be sweet and kind, and take care themselves. Because guys don’t like girls who are less than beautiful. I know, because my mom told me so. She told me what I had to be to beloved by others. And it worked, didn’t it? I never had boyfriend before. I was just too normal. Too not sugar-sweet.

So I walked away from the boy restroom without anyone noticing me there.

Then I just went to pee.


The Only Thing That Is Matter… (part 1)

Hi! I decided to share with you the first page of this “long story.” (Long, because, well, it’s longer than my usual short stories. ^^) So here it is, and I hope you’ll like it! :)

I know that most of the life changing story doesn’t start like that, but I wanted to pee. So I raised my hand and interrupted my teacher’s speech about history. His name was Mr. John and I knew he will let me go, because he was just that cool. Continue reading

A soldier’s letter

Hello, everyone! :) I’m working on a short story series project right now, and I’ll post the first part of it, soon. Before that, I decided to share a letter with you which I’ve once written for my history class. 

I also wanted to warn you that I’m not a perfect letter writer. and because of that reason, please, be gentle! :) :P So here’s the letter from a soldier in a war. I wrote it, of course, from a man point of view, who has written it for his wife. So I hope you’ll like it! (Oh, and let me know if you have any question!) Continue reading

That Rude Boy

James Patrice was a fan of the computer; he couldn’t live without it. He wanted to be a genius. A computer genius. However there was something or someone else he wanted so much. A girl he liked, or loved. But she didn’t want him. Obviously, because he was a little rude to everybody. As he was crazy, too. A few days ago he saw a man in his house; the man was watching him with serious and happy eyes. The question is that why was he so happy? Why?

Then he knew. The strange man was laughing at him, because he knew the future. He knew what was going to happen; he knew that the computers will leave him alone. And it bothered him so much.

Continue reading

The Little Dwarf

The word being afraid is one of the most scariest things in the world, because we want to fight it, but we sometimes just can’t, and then we let it win. As I did that all the time. But how couldn’t I? The possibilities for me was worse from the average people. Cause I was a weirdo. A dwarf and I knew perfectly that people won’t understand me, and they will even think that I’m just a little kid. Or a baby.

I’m seventeen years old, but they still think that. And the worse of all that when I’m looking at the mirror, I can understand why they’re thinking in that way. Because I do look like a little baby who isn’t belong to a high school. Maybe not even for a middle school.

Continue reading

The thing is with magic’ and romance’ connection that as ones once have said, “The love is the most powerful magic between all of them.”


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